Landlord Gas Safety Checks

In 1996 the government passed law that all landlords who rent part or all of a property must have all gas pipework and appliances checked every twelve months and certified to make sure the installation meets gas safety regulations.

These days, renting your house can be a mine field of red tape and legal conditions. We can take some of that pressure off by assisting you with your installs and servicing and then providing you with the appropriate certification.

J G Mills are licenced to carry out annual gas safety inspections and issue landlords gas safety certificates also known as CP12´s on all domestic gas installations. We use the latest test equipment, combustion gas analysers, electronic gas leak detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

What Does A Gas Safety Inspection Include?

  • Check gas meter for access and correct labelling.
  • Check casings and seals.
  • Carry out a tightness test of the installation.
  • Check standing, working and burner pressure.
  • Visual inspection of the installation, appliance position, terminal position & signs of incomplete combustion.
  • Check gas rate and compare with manufacturers data.
  • Check ventilation.
  • Test flue flow for correct combustion and operation.
  • Test all flame failure devices for correct operation.
  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation of appliances.

When Do I Get My Certificates?

Once the installation has passed the inspection, you will be issued with two copies of your gas safety certificate. The first copy is for the landlord/agent and the second copy for the tenant.

What Happens If My Installation Fails The Inspection?

We will only fail an installation if there is a risk of the appliance becoming dangerous or if the appliance or installation is an immediate danger to the life of the occupants of the property.

There are allot of installations which are not installed to current standards and these are noted on the certificate but not failed. However if there is an appliance which fails, a warning notice will be given and the appliance labelled, turned off, or with your permission disconnected if immediately dangerous. If we carry out the remedial work to make the appliance or installation safe you will not charge for the second certificate.

More information

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J G Mills Plumbing & Heating Services are GasSafe registered (228724)

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GasSafe Registered

J G Mills Plumbing & Heating Services is GasSafe registered (228724) and also a member of the IGEM (Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers).